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The company has passed ISO9001:2008
quality management system certification.

  • Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Globe valves
  • Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Gate valves
  • Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Ball valves
  • Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
  • ISO9001
  • CE-1521-1
  • CE-1521-2
  • CE-1521-3
  • CE-1521-4
  • CE-1521-5
About Sedelon
Sedelon Valve Co.,LtdRead

SedelonValve Company is established in 1998. Based in “the valve county”---Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, this company integrates manufacturing and trading together.
The main products of this company are Bronze valves, API/DIN gate/globe/ check valves/butterfly valve/plug valve, ball valves and forged steel valves. Its products have been widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy, machinery and many other fields.
In order to provide customer high-quality and better service, the company has equipped the system certification such as API6D, CE, ISO9001, TS, ect.
We have a strong technical and management team which is formed by advanced technical experts, engineers, managers, salesmen. We emphasize the importance of teamwork. Working together and helping each other, we are just like a big and warm family.

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  • Sedelon ®---------Bronze Valves Expert
    Sedelon ®---------Bronze Valves Expert

    Sedelon ®---------Bronze Valves Expert Zhejiang Sedelon valve co., LTD is a professional bronze valves company production factory, we are the best bronze valves manufacturer in China. The material of Bronze has characteristics of low melting point, high hardness, plasticity, and wear resistant, corrosion resistance. So bronze valves have excellent impact resistance strength,minimum heat loss and corrosion resistance. Bronze valves are generally used in the chemical and Oil field and mainly for the offshore, platform and marine usage. Sedelon produces the bronze valves mainly according to the API 600 Standard.It’s not easy to produce and process the bronze valves. We should pay much attention especially in the casting process---This is the beginning part and the vital part. Flange end Dimension :ANSI B16.5 Butt Welded Dimensions:ANSI B16.25 Design and Manufacture:API 600 Pressure Test:API 598 Main material: C95800、C95500、C95200、C95300、C95600、C61900、C63200, ect. *The valves’ flanges are under the processing . According to the client’s requirements, the flanges finish can be processed as Raised face or Flat face or RTJ type.

  • Penetrant Testing(PT)
    Penetrant Testing(PT)

    Penetrant Testing(PT) By applying penetrant, the redundant parts is removed with a detergent, and if necessary, applying imaging agent to obtain an indication of some defects opening on the surface in the part. Penetration testing is based on the liquid to the solid's wetting ability and capillary phenomenon in the physics, first let contain dyes and high penetration of the liquid penetrant, coated to the surface of the tested workpiece, due to the liquid's wetting action and capillary action, the penetrant infiltration into the surface opening defects. After applying the penetrant, it is permitted to sit on the surface for a specified period of time (the "penetrant dwell time"), then the part is carefully cleaned to remove excess penetrant from the surface. A light coating of developer is then be applied to the surface and given time ("developer dwell time") to allow the penetrant from any voids or fissures to seep up into the developer, creating a visible indication.

  • Sedelon® High Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve
    Sedelon® High Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve

    Sedelon Valve Provide a lot of Check Valves.Such as Swing Check Valves,Lift Check Valves,Wafer or Dual Palte Check Valves,Tilting Disc Check Valve and so on. Today we specially recommend the High Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve. The High Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valves’ Main Feature: 1.Design of double eccentric disc,When valves closed, the valve seat and the sealing surface gradually touch, in order to achieve no impact, no noise. 2.The design of High Pressure Seal and Micro elastic metal seat can make good sealing performance. 3.Small flow resistance and save energy 4.Butterfly valve design, quick, sensitive switch, long service life. Tilting Disc Check valve generally applies to clean medium, should not be used for medium containing solid particles and viscosity is bigger. As a one of main products in Sedelon Valve Company,The main production material of Tilting disc Check Valves is Cast steel, Stainless steel and Alloy steel ,Bronze,Cast Iron and so on.