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Zhejiang Sedelon Valve Co.,Ltd is a professional bronze valve company with productive factory, we are the best bronze valve manufacturer and supplier from China.

Compared with other material, Bronze valves are good choices for industries which require the following characteristics: Desalination and Highly corrosive environments.Sedelon manufactures different types of Bronze valves which are suitable for Chemical and Oil Industries, Sea Water Service, Desalination Plants, Off-Shore and Platforms.

Sedelon® mainly produces Bronze valves according to the standard of API 600. We call them API 600 Bronze valves.According to different design standards, Sedelon® provides you DIN Bronze valves as well, for example, DIN Bronze Globe valves.

The characteristics of the Sedelon Bronze valves are of corrosion resistance , oxidation resistance, electric resistance and clean sanitation. These features make Bronze valves special and incomparable to other metal material valves.

According to the usage, Bronze valves can be divided into the following types:

1. Bronze Gate valves

Commonly used Bronze Gate valves which can be fully opened and closed, provide a great on- off service.

2. Bronze Ball valves

Bronze Ball valves are excellent choices for opening and shut-off, especially meet the requirements for subsea applications.

3. Bronze Globe valves

Their main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

4. Bronze Check valves also referred to as Bronze non return valves.

The disc will be opened and closed by the flow automatically, which prevents the fluid of flowing back, for example, Bronze Wafer Check valves. Sedelon provides API 6D Bronze Wafer check valves which have a short pattern wafer body according to the API 6D and ANSI B16.10 face to face dimensions..

5. Bronze Butterfly valves

A Bronze Butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow.

When we choose the Bronze valves, the way of installation should also be taken into consideration. There are Flanged Bronze valves, Jacket Bronze valves and Welded Bronze valves. The installation structure must be consistent with the piping installation structure. And we should choose the fit size.

The operation of Bronze valves is simple, generally are hand wheel operated. We call them hand wheel Bronze valves. When the valves need large amount of starting force, we can choose gear operated Bronze valves which can save effort. Generally speaking, big size Bronze valves are gear operated, for example big size Bronze Gate valves, big size Bronze Globe valves, big size Bronze Check valves. Some Bronze valves are equipped with a pneumatic actuator (Pneumatic Actuator Bronze Ball valves) or motor operated (Electric Motor Bronze Ball valves).

Nowadays, people pay much attention to environmental protection. We Sedelon also take it into consideration. Low Emission Bronze valves and Low Leakage Bronze valves can effectively prevent the medium leakage and emission, thus being good for the environment. Equipped with Fugitive Emission Test Certificate ISO 15848-1:2006, Sedelon manufactures Fugitive Emission Bronze valves in order to make a contribution to protecting the environment.