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Zhejiang Sedelon Valve Co.,Ltd is a professional gate valve company with productive factory, we are the best gate valve, slide valve, sluice valve, brake valve manufacturer and supplier from China.

Gate valves are the most common valves which are used for opening and closing. Sedelon® mainly produces Gate valves according to the standard of API 600. We call them API 600 Gatevalves. According to different design standards, Sedelon® provides you DIN Gate valves as well.

The body of Gate valves may be made of metals. Such as: Forged Steel Gate valves, Stainless Steel Gate valves, Alloy Gate valves, Bronze Gate valves, Cast steel Gate valves and Carbon Steel Gate valves, ect. Among them, Forged Steel Gate valves are widely used especially as the shut-off devices when size is more than 50mm.Sedelon® mainly produces Forged Steel Gate valves according to the standard of API 602. And Stainless Steel Gate valves according to the standard of API 603, we call them API 602 Forged Steel Gate valves and API 603 Stainless Steel Gate valves.The body can also be made of non-metal materials. For example, Ceramic Gate valves, which have good performance of abrasion and hardness.

Some other Gate valves are made of special materials, such as Hastelloy Gate valves、Special Steel Gate valves and Special Alloy Gate valves.Transmitting and processing of media that are heavily corrosive, Duplex Stainless Steel Gate valves or Super Stainless Steel Gate valves are usually selected to mitigate the problems for they can work well in the area with corrosive surroundings.

Owning a gate/ wedge makes Gate valves such different and characteristic. By lifting the gate/ wedge, the Gate vales allow the fluid to go through the path successfully. There are different kinds of wedges/gates. A Wedge Gate valve can be equipped with single gate disc, double gate disc and resilient gate disc, ect,. Generally speaking, the Gate valves are designed to be fully open or closed, thus having no function of throttling. For extremely thick fluid, Knife Gate valves are commonly used to cut through the fluid.

Gate valves have different connection types, which resulting in different kinds of Gate valves. They are Flanged Gate valves, Screwed Gate valves, Butt Weld Gate valves and Socket Weld Gate valves. When connected with the pipeline, Flanged Gate valves have flange ends which are drilled according to flange dimensional standards compatible with pipeline.

The operation of Gate valves is simple, generally are hand wheel operated. They are called Hand Wheel Gate valves. When the valves need large amount of starting force, we can choose Gear Operated Gate valves which can save effort. Generally speaking, Big Size Gate valves are gear operated. Some SD (Sedelon ®) Gate valves can be equipped with actuator for special use, such as Electric Motor Gate valves, Pneumatic Actuator Gate valves and Hydraulic Actuator Gate valves.

Sedelon® provides different valves under different operating conditions, especially different temperatures. High Temperature Gate valves, Low Temperature Gate valves /Cryogenic Gate valves and Jacket Gate valves are adopted to work under different operating temperatures. Jacket Gate valves help to prevent the line fluid’s temperature loss. For high temperature conditions, we can also select High Nickel Alloy Gate valves. Under high pressure, Sedelon’s High Pressure Gate valves are good choices. A By-pass Gate valve is a pressure release system whose purpose is to reduce wear on the engine.Pressure Seal Gate Valves can adjust the pressure of sealing ring automatically to fit with the different inner pressures in the pipeline. This type of Gate valves is usually used in high temperature and high pressure operating conditions.

For harmful and poisonous fluids, Bellows Sealed Gate valves can work well because of their good performance of sealing. Because of this character, they can also be applied to in the field of aseptic process industries such as medicine.

Nowadays, people pay much attention to environmental protection. We Sedelon also take it into consideration.Low Emission Gate valves /Low Leakage Gate valvescan effectively prevent the medium leakage and emission, thus being good for the environment.Equipped with Fugitive Emission Test Certificate ISO 15848-1:2006, Sedelon manufacturesFugitive Emission Gate valvesin order to make a contribution to protecting the environment.